Terrarium TV on Amazon Firestick/FireTV – Installation Guide

Terrarium TV on firestick is a super hit combination and you can get Terrarium TV App on firestick within few minutes.

Terrarium TV is a trending app these days. In a very short period of time, Terrarium TV got a lot of loyal fans. Do you know why? Because it gives you something that every person on this planet dreamed of and that is FREE STUFF. Check out Terrarium TV Review for more. Using Terrarium TV, you can watch HD movies & HD TV shows on your device be it Android Smartphone, PC/Laptop, Firestick. The good thing is all great stuff for Free. If you own a Google Chromecast, you can stream terrarium tv on Chromecast and that will give you a great entertainment experience on big TV Screen.

Today we gonna talk about installing the Terrarium TV on Firestick or FireTV. Amazon Firestick and Amazon FireTV are the great streaming device that let you stream movies, Tv shows, music right on your big TV. Firestick/FireTV literally made the dumb tv a smart tv.

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Using Terrarium TV app on Firestick is an absolute treat for the whole family. What makes it even more appealing is the interface and convenience to install Terrarium TV on Firestick.
Terrarium TV is an Android app and firestick/fireTV too runs on Linux modified Android OS. So, there is no problem while installing Terrarium TV on Firestick or FireTV. If you have any other TV box like Nvidia Shield, WeTek Play 2, Xiaomi Mi Box, Matricom G-Box Q² etc. which are powered by Android, you can see the guide explaining how to install terrarium tv on Android TV box.
So, shall we begin?

Install Terrarium TV on Firestick/FireTV

It is very easy to install Terrarium TV on firestick/FireTV. The process of installing Terrarium TV app on both Firestick & FireTV is same. So don’t be confused about that.
To watch HD Movies & TV Shows through Terrarium also required an additional video player. Though there is an inbuilt player within the Terrarium TV app but the inbuilt player is in beta mode and that’s why it gives lags while streaming. For smooth streaming of HD movie/tv shows, it is advised to use MX player with Terrarium TV app for streaming movies and tv shows.
Let’s first install MX Player on Firestick/FireTV:
1. First of all, you need to go to Firestick Settings > Device > Developer Options and make sure that Apps from Unknown Sources is ON. By default, it is off  but you need to turn that ON. Pop-up will appear, just click Turn On.
Terrarium tv on firestick firetv
2. After doing that, you need to install an app called Downloader. Probably you already have that app installed in your Firestick but if you are using a brand new Firestick, you can download it from the Amazon App Store.
Just go to the search bar on firestick Home and search for Downloader. Once you got the Downloader app, install and launch it.
terrarium tv app firestick
3. Now after launching Downloader app on firestick, you will see an empty space where you need to enter a URL. All you need to enter an URL. For your convenience, I just made the short URL. You need to enter https://goo.gl/N6bPQD (characters are case sensitive). After entering the URL, click on Go.
terrarium on firestick firetv
4. You will see MX Player website on the screen. Scroll down and download the MX Player (1.9.8) apk file from the first link.
terrarium tv amazon firestick
5. Once apk downloading gets done, install the MX Player APK in Firestick like you always do.
mx player on firestick

Once it is done, you will get the MX Player on Firestick. Now, let’s install Terrarium TV on Firestick/FireTV:

1. To install Terrarium TV on firestick, first, go to the Downloader app that we just used to download MX Player.

2. There you need to enter an URL. This time enter https://goo.gl/AW7ek2 (Characters are case sensitive). Click on go. 3. Here you are required to download Terrarium TV apk. Just click on the Download link (https://goo.gl/AW7ek2) and you will see the app being downloading in a box. In some cases, downloading will start automatically. 

4. After downloading Terrarium TV apk, install it on Firestick. Once the downloading gets complete. You can open it and start using it.
terrarium tv firestick

Read further to see how you can use MX Player with Terrarium TV for smooth streaming of movies and TV Shows.

5. On the home screen of Terrarium TV, you will see all the available TV shows and Movies. You can switch between the TV Shows and Movies from the accordion option. (See Screenshot). You can also sort the movies & tv shows by Trending, Most Popular, Airing Today, Premieres, Most Player, Top Rated etc.
free hd movies tv shows
6. Fetch for the movie or tv show you want to watch. After selecting the desired movie/tv show, just open it and Play it from top right option. If you are watching any TV shows which have multiple seasons, you can switch between the seasons from the given option.
7. After clicking on the Play button, you may encounter with a pop-up which says Low-end Device Detected, just ignore that and click Ok.
8. In the next screen, the terrarium TV will show you the available streaming link. Just click on any of them that suits you. Click on Full HD only if you have strong, blazing fast, Unlimited internet plan.
terrarium on firestick
9. Here you will get the option like Play, Download, Download With Subtitle, Open with, Copy Stream link.
10. You need to click on Play With and you need to select MX Player.
terrarium tv app firestick

Kaboom. Here you have your Movie/TV show right on the big screen. Have some popcorn and coke with you and enjoy.

If you need subtitles on your video, you can get that using MX Player. Here is the guide on adding subtitles on Terrarium TV.

That was the one method using which you can install terrarium tv on firestick. There is one more method using which you can get terrarium tv on firestick/firetv. That method is also very easy and quick.

Terrarium TV on Firestick Using File Explorer

For terrarium tv on firestick, you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

1. First of all, you need to download the File explorer in the firestick/firetv. If you don’t have already, you can download ES File Explorer which is very popular and robust file explorer.
2. To download ES File Explorer, simply search for ES File Explorer and once you find it, install it.
3. Now, open the ES File Explorer and go to Tools > Download Manager.
4. Now click on ‘+’ icon and enter the path https://goo.gl/AW7ek2. For name, you can name it anything say terrarium tv apk. LINK IS CASE SENSITVE
5. Once you entered the path and the name, click on Download Now.
6. You will see the file being downloading. Once it gets finished, simply install it. If you find any error while installing Terrarium tv on firestick, make sure you have Turned On the Apps from Unknown Source option in the Settings > Device > Developer options.

Terrarium TV on Firestick: Tips for Better Experience

1. Always use Google Drive Links. Those are more stable links and provides you smooth streaming.
2. Add Subtitles in the video. See guide for installing Subtitles on terrarium TV.
3. Use MX Player on Firestick for better experience.
4. Choose HD Quality when possible. Watching SD video on HD TV can ruin the whole experience.
5. Keep the Terrarium TV updated. On this website you will find the latest version of terrarium tv apk.

Terrarium TV on Firestick: Have Fun

That was super easy. Isn’t it? Now you can enjoy all your favorite movies and TV shows right on the bigger and better screen. The good thing about Terrarium TV app is that there is no compromise with the all over user experience. I am using it from last 2-3 months and I am simply loving it. The streaming quality is amazing. It gets even more enhanced when streamed through MX Player. Moreover, there is a large collection of Movies and TV shows from different sources. Terrarium TV gets even better with Terrarium TV Version 1.9.9. It will get even better with future updates.


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